Splash-In 2014

AHOY !!!


We’re having a   SPLASH-IN cook-out

         on        Saturday, September 20, 2014

          and we hope you can come!

Porco+Gina  Seaplanes!

  Good fellowship!

  Fun and Games!

Lunch around 1 PM. Nothing fancy, but plenty of good grub: BBQ, grilled burgers, hotdogs, etc., etc.


The Taj Mahouse, in Shangri-la-di-da, on the James River, a few miles east of Hopewell VA. We’re on the east side of Jordan Point, just SE of the Route 106/156 Benjamin Harrison drawbridge. (Google the coordinates below or “tar bay va”)


  • 37.305000              -77.215000
  • 37º 18.300′            -77º 12.900′
  • N37º 18′ 17.77″      W77 12′ 53.29″

Radio frequency: 123.45
Phone: 804-543-7110

Email: DonMaxwell@AbstractConcreteWorks.com

Street address: 10463 Jordan Parkway, North Prince George, VA 23860. (Google it for an aerial view of the river and the correct house.)

Fresh water, but 3 foot tide. High tide on September 20th is at 1:28 PM. Sunset will be at 7:08 and low tide at 7:55 PM.

SeaReys, Aventuras, and other small tailwheel amphibs can taxi onto the sandy beach. Nosewheels and floats should tail in. PBYs and Clippers anchor or tie up to the buoy in deeper water, and we’ll pick you up with the Large Marge Party Barge & Self-Propelled Seaplane Tender. (Only 1 buoy, so bring an anchor if you’ll need one.)

Maps and low-tide info: http://abstractconcreteworks.com/TajMahouseSeaplaneOps/TajMahouseSeaplaneOps.html

Fun and Games? If anyone’s interested we might try grapefruit bombing or short takeoff, but only if it’s going to be fun for everyone. We have a volleyball, too (somewhere).

RSVP so we can get a food count. Otherwise… take your chances on the grub.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 20th of September!

= Don & Carol Maxwell

If you don’t happen to have a seaplane handy, the roads are quite good here. And W96 (New Kent County Airport) is a few miles to the north. (Courtesy car, or we can pick you up. Call us to coordinate rides.)

P.P.S. Please pass this on to other seaplane pilots who might be interested in coming.

Rain Date: if the WX sux on September 20th, we’ll try again on the 21st.  And if that doesn’t work, then on October 4. 
 Those are the best midday high-tide weekend days this fall.

November 2012

10 November 2012


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A Very Small Vision

Around 1996 I happened to buy a copy of Kitplanes magazine on a whim. That evening I lay in bed, leafing though it and came upon an article about the new SeaRey amphibious flying boat seaplane kit. There were a few photos, including one of a SeaRey drawn up on a white sand beach with bright bluegreen waves lapping at the hull.
Immediately I was somewhere on dark water looking at my SeaRey on a green lawn, with my house out of sight behind a grove of trees. It was a remarkable sensation—-I knew it was so!
Then it was gone and I was back in bed with the magazine open on my lap. Everything was mundane again. But the vision persisted, and a few years later I went for a SeaRide ride and bought a kit. Built it and have flown it about 1200 hours so far.